Prosperity in Private Practice Training Series

Your surefire formalized education in most things private practice. Ethical from the start.

Build your Maryland based psychotherapy business with ease and confidence.

We are super excited you are visiting and planning to change your life. Way to go! As you go through the courses and visit in individual training, you will learn what we have come to know about building a private practice....
One piece of information can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I'm sure you've wasted plenty of time in sales webinars and being lured by splashy marketing that tricks you into buy more and more products to reach the answers you seek.

Let me help you with real information and real resources. No tricks or gimmicks.
The Prosperity in Private Practice Training Series is a system of formalized education in private practice.

Content is delivered like class instruction and not glossy productions, so you get clear direction to guide you.

References are used by Maryland licensed clinical social workers. Be sure to check with your Board's regulations.

Private practice will give you an abundance of joy and the space to create ways of helping people on your terms!

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Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod, LCSW-C

Maryland Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice

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