Review these courses to satisfy that sense of urgency. This course gives you a quick look into the foundations of building your private practice. No fillers, no chasers, or anything that resembles useless information that just fills up conversations. Seriously just straight content, heading you to your private practice points. 

Hi, I’m Dionne!

Longs story short, after noticing one of my clinical jobs was paying me 20% of what they were reimbursed, I notice a "for lease" sign at an office co-op in my neighborhood. I walked in with questions and came out with a lease and have NEVER regretted my decision to build a psychotherapy private practice business on my terms.

Join my courses and live coaching to learn how and REALLY start your private practice. I promise these courses are not intended just to market to you. This is the first formalized education process to help you build, maintain and grow your private practice with sound ethical and clinical practice. No gimmicks or gotchas. Real content that will give you real results.

Getting to the Point: Private Practice Quick Start

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